Private: Re:Creating Europe – Official Opening

Join us to experience the highlights of Europe’s past and the visions that have shaped it. In a performance, directed by Ivo van Hove, Europe’s most significant speeches are brought to life by European actors. Reflect with us on Europe’s identity, Europe’s defining moments, and find inspiration for a possible tomorrow.

Wed, 01 Jun • 16:00
DeLaMar Theater - Mary Dresselhuys Zaal


What is Europe? Is it a continent, a collective culture, a bygone dream, a mutual feeling of solidarity, or the ability to forgive? In moments that have most defined European history, great thinkers—from François Mitterrand to Barack Obama—have found the words to express the very notion of Europe. Now, in 2016, a year that has seen Europe’s future hanging in the balance, we are kicking off Re:Creating Europe with a performance directed by one of the world’s leading theatre directors: Ivo van Hove.

Jude LawLars Eidinger, and actors from Toneelgroep Amsterdam, including Gijs Scholten van Aschat, Halina ReijnHugo Koolschijn, Marieke Heebink, Robert de Hoog, Ramsey Nasr, and Chris Nietvelt, will bring Europe’s defining historic and fictional speeches to life: a launching pad for a new way of imagining tomorrow’s Europe.

This programme will be in English.

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This programme is made in association with Toneelgroep Amsterdam.

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