Private: Fort Europa

Ten years ago the Flemish author and playwright Tom Lanoye wrote the play Fort Europa: a razor-sharp commentary on European values. In 2016 Lanoye will once again perform his more-current-than-ever piece. What is there left to defend, if our belief in Europe seems to be gone?

Fri, 03 Jun • 14:00
Theater Bellevue - Grote Zaal


The continent that considers itself the inventor of democracy and equality is standing on its last legs. In Fort Europe, Tom Lanoye brings to the fore a tired Europe, tarnished by wars, by the Holocaust and by capitalism. It is within this landscape that five individuals search, with little result, for the remains of a European civilisation. Now, Tom Lanoye’s more-current-than-ever Fort Europe is back on stage, supported by musicians Nicolas Rombauts and Teun Verbruggen.

Following the reading, Tom Lanoye will enter in conversation with thinkers and politicians on the urgent issues on which Fort Europe touches. What European values are worth protecting?

Moderator: Lex Bohlmeijer

The play will be performed in Dutch. The conversation afterwards will be in English. 

Photo: Filip van Roe

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