Private: Re:Thinking Europe – An Anthology

What is Europe? This question is ever more pressing, as present day Europe wallows in crisis—its deepest since the process of European integration took off in the 1950s. This current state of affairs sets the stage for the anthology, Re:Thinking Europe.

Thu, 02 Jun • 20:30
De Balie - Grote Zaal


The anthology Re:Thinking Europe brings together leading international thinkers in a feverish quest to better understand Europe’s present state. They engage in the paradoxes and puzzles of European identity and present new answers to the eternal question regarding ‘the essence of Europe’.

In addition to these current-day reflections, a selection of often-overlooked texts that have proved to be of fundamental importance for Europe has been assembled: speeches, essays and thoughts by Jean Monnet, Konrad Adenauer, Charles de Gaulle, Milan Kundera, Margaret Thatcher, György Konrád and Barack Obama, among others.

During this programme the anthology will be officially presented and discussed together with several contributors: Tom Holland, Philipp Blom, Stella Ghervas and Larry Siedentop. What is the foundation of Europe’s history and civilization? What are the most important challenges of today’s Europe? And what does Europe look like 20 years from now?

Mathieu Segers will provide an introduction for the programme.

Moderator: Petra Stienen

This programme will be in English.

The collection is put together in association with Mathieu Segers (Professor of Contemporary European History, Universiteit Maastricht) and Amsterdam University Press. With contributions by Larry Siedentop, Tom Holland, Ivan Krastev, Philipp Blom, Stella Ghervas, Benno Barnard and Claudia Sternberg.

Photo: Ignacio Evangelista

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This programme is made in association with Amsterdam University Press.

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