Private: Import/Export – Ulrich Seidl

Dare we turn our gaze to the ultimate ‘outsiders’ of European society? An acutely meaningful film in today’s divided Europe.

Fri, 03 Jun • 11:15
De Balie - Grote Zaal


The 2007 film Import/Export, directed by the celebrated provocateur Ulrich Seidl (known for his famous Paradies-trilogy), follows two wandering souls on the edge of society. They never quite meet, but seem linked in being lost in equal measure. ‘Import’ focuses on Olga, a young Ukrainian mother who has had enough of living life as a part-time nurse, part-time webcam porn-actress. She moves to Austria to find her luck there. ‘Export’ tells the story of Paul, who, after being fired, ends up in Ukraine: the guy who installs chewing gum and peanut machines. Import/Export confronts its viewers with the economic, political, and cultural gaps that divide Eastern and Western Europe. An acutely meaningful film in today’s divided Europe.

Ulrich Seidl will provide an introduction for the film.

Following the film, Ulrich Seidl will enter in conversation with Dutch writer Arnon Grunberg. Info & tickets

The film will have English subtitles.

Would you like to visit both Arnon Grunberg x Ulrich Seidl and the film screening Import/Export? We offer a special combination ticket for 15 euro. Order here.

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