Private: Re:Creating Europe. But how? – expert meeting

A young generation of creative European thinkers and makers is converging in Amsterdam. What do they have in common? What do they want to achieve? How will they contribute to shaping tomorrow’s Europe? In a meeting of experts lead by director, presenter, entrepreneur and performer—or as he would rather put it, ‘creator’—Lucas De Man searches for answers.

Thu, 02 Jun • 10:00
Rijksakademie - 't Schip


There is no escaping from the negative narratives surrounding Europe nowadays: Europe is in crisis, Europe is a long gone past, it is history. Yet, simultaneously, a group of young, creative thinkers and makers have decided now is the time to reimagine a future Europe for themselves and others. Europe desperately needs these ‘creators’, according to Lucas De Man. For his art project In Search of Europe, De Man travelled to 17 European cities in order to engage with this creative generation. Young creators from all over Europe are converging in Amsterdam for Re:Creating Europe, encouraging De Man’s search.

Participants: Marilli Mastrantoni (Theatre ENTROPIA, Greece), Ahmet Polat (photographer, The Netherlands/Turkey), Grzegorz Jankowicz (writer, Poland), Paris Legakis (interdisciplinary artist, Greece), Anoek Nuyens (theatre maker, The Netherlands), Eva Salmerón (Mmmm Art Collective, Spain),  Engin Onder (journalist, Turkey), Merlijn Twaalfhoven (music composer, The Netherlands), Pepijn Smit (theatre maker, The Netherlands), Ilan Siebert (entrepreneur, Germany), Thomas Spijkerman (theatre maker, The Netherlands), Iryna Vikyrchak (cultural manager, Ukraine), Sam Samiee (artist, Iran/The Netherlands), Kathrin Yvonne Bigler (artistic director, Switzerland), Valerio Gatto Bonanni (Teatro Valle Occupato), Margarita Pita (Urban Dig Project, Greece), Vasyl Cherepanyn (curator Kyiv Biennale, Ukraine), Kareem Lotfy (visual artist, Egypt/The Netherlands), Dušan Rodić (artist, Belgrade), Anne Breure (artistic director Veemtheater, The Netherlands), Eva Sancho Rodriguez (lecturer philosophy and film studies, The Netherlands), Hamid El Kanbouhi (artist, Morocco/The Netherlands), Adam Ulbert (artist Rijksakademie, Hungary), Jelle Disseldorp (entrepeneur, The Netherlands), Lara Staal (programme maker Frascati theater, The Netherlands), Lucie Lausin (designer, France), Ahmet Ogut (artist, Turkey/The Netherlands), and many others.

This session is closed to the general public. Interested in participating? Send a short motivational letter to

This expert session will be in English.

Photo: Het Zuidelijk Toneel

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