Expert Session #3 – The Value of European Pop music

What is the true value of European pop music?

Thu, 02 Jun • 10:00

The music industry is not only the third biggest employer in the European creative economy, but is also arguably the most democratic cultural discipline: one would be hard pressed to find someone who isn’t listening to music on a daily basis. Constant innovation is imperative. The European pop music market is made up of both national and international markets, contributing to the rich cultural diversity in Europe. But what is the true value of European pop music?

This expert session has been organised in cooperation with Eurosonic. Music professionals, musicians, economists and thinkers will join in order to explore the above question, brainstorming on how to truly determine the value of European music in society and economy.

Contributors are among others:

Peter Smidt (Creative Director of Eurosonic – NL), Emmanuel Legrand (US editor for Music Week, USA), Willem van Zeeland (Editor-in-chief Internet & Innovation at NTR, The Netherlands), Charl Landvreugd (Artist / Researcher)

This expert session will be in English.

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