Private: Expert Session #5: The European Cultural City

What defines the European cultural city?

Thu, 02 Jun • 10:00
Castrum Peregrini

The city is the central cultural hub. It is the place where culture is explored, produced and enjoyed. More than being a magnetic destination for tourists, the city functions as an epicentre for locals as well: culture feeds the city. But what is quintessentially European about our cultural cities? How does culture contribute to the design and appearance of what is considered ‘European’? What is the role of the cultural city, when compared to the cultural state? And how are European cities perceived from outside the continent?

In this expert session, deputy mayors, artists, thinkers and representatives from European Capitals of Culture will join the discussion on the (making of) a true European cultural city.

Contributors are among others:

Benjamin Barber (Political theorist – USA)

Ritva Viljanen (Deputy Mayor Helsinki)

Renée Kistemaker (Secretary Network of European City Museums)

Julie Hervé (EUROCITIES Culture Forum)

Teresa Navas (Co-Founder European Prize for Urban Public Space / Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB))

Jelle Burggraaff (Head of European Affairs Leeuwarden European Capital of Culture 2018)

Eneko Garate (Internationalisation Manager San Sebastian European Capital of Culture 2016)

Maciej Hofman (European Commission – DG EAC: Cultural Diversity & Innovation)

Mary McCarthy (Director National Sculpture Factory / Chair of Culture Ireland)

Justine Simons (Head of Culture for the Mayor of London / Chair of the World Cities Cultural Forum)


This expert session will be in English.

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