Kick-off Forum: Arts & Culture in Times of Conflict

Programme - 20 Nov. 2015, De Balie

November 20th, 2015 we kicked off the Forum with the programme “Arts and Culture in Times of Conflict”. Europe struggles with different crisis and conflicts. In what ways can arts and culture contribute to solutions for the burning issues that divide today’s Europe?


Vasyl Cherepanyn (director of the Visual Culture Research Center in Kiev and organisator of The School of Kyiv – Kyiv Art Biennale 2015)

“Maidan was a gesamtkunstwerk. The EU can learn from the protests in Ukraine that Europe can be treated as a revolutionary vehicle to bring about social changes”

Dessy Gavrilova (director of the Red House Center for Culture and debate in Sofia)

“The role of art in times of crisis is learning us how to relate to reality”

Poka-Yio (visual artist and curator/cofounder/codirector of the Athens Biennale)

“It’s a historical moment. Instead of making personal artistic works in the studio, your canvas is the whole world”


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