Claudio Magris: Narrating Europe

Lecture in De Balie - Wednesday 25 October 2017

Author, professor and essayist Claudio Magris will speak at De Balie in Amsterdam on Wednesday 25 October 2017 about literary imagination, changing borders and identity politics.  What does his intellectual, artistic and political engagement mean for current public debates in Europe? How can literature contribute to such complex European issues and challenges?

Author, professor and essayist Claudio Magris is known for his engagement in European public debates. He has often been invited by the European Commission to discuss the multi-ethnic and multi-national European society, and has won several awards for his engagement. At the Erasmus Prize of 2001 for instance, Magris was renowned for his ability to sharply identify how European and urban-diversity influence our perception of identity.

The city of Trieste and its surrounding region play a key role in Magris’ thinking and writing. As a city that is situated at the intersection of the European continent, Trieste has been home for – among many others – Italians, Slovenes, Austrians and Jews. This melting pot of cultures and Italian and Slavic surnames turned Trieste into a borderland with a rich history full of encounters but also with a complicated past. Meanwhile, Europe is under pressure: Migration, globalization, the rise of populism and a turbulent history create complex identity issues in our contemporary societies. What to learn from Trieste and its complex history? How should we deal with the past and present of Europe?

Luiza Bialasiewicz is a political geographer and Jean Monnet Professor of EU External Relations in the Department of European Studies at the University of Amsterdam. She will be interviewing Claudio Magris together with Maria Urban, Assistent Professior Italian language and culture at UvA.

Claudio Magris became known for his cultural history Danube (1986). His most recent work Non Luogo a Procedere has recently been published in Dutch translation by Linda Pennings as Het Museum Van Oorlog (De Bezige Bij).

Claudio Magris: Narrating Europe
Wedsneday 25 October 2017 19:30, De Balie Amsterdam

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