Complete programme online now!

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We proudly present the complete programme of Forum on European Culture 2018: Act for Democracy!

With among others:

– A 4-day Eurolab during which initiators Wolfgang Tillmans, Rem Koolhaas and Stephan Petermann will make a start to rebrand Europe.

– A unique Spoken Beat Concert with two artists from across the Channel: Madi Maxwell-Libby & Jacob Sam-La Rose.

– Debate programmes in which we come to the core of populism across Europe. With among others Jan-Werner Müller, Ulrike Guerot and Flavia Kleiner.

– A special exhibition with the international artists from the Rijksakademie, curated by Vasyl Cherepanyn from Ukraine.

– The official opening with three important European voices: philosopher Srecko Horvat, Turkish writer Asli Erdoğan and Spain’s most famous artist Santiago Sierra.


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