31 May - 3 June 2018 Amsterdam

Europe Endless Express

A nocturnal journey of discovery into Europe

Europe Endless Express is the first European cultural festival to be held on a sleeper train. It will traverse the European continent between 30 June and 2 July 2016. Point of departure: Amsterdam. Destination: Unknown.

The results of the Forum on European Culture will be presented on this train and many of our contributors will participate in this journey.

At around midnight on 30 June a never-seen-before train will draw into Amsterdam Central Station. Six hundred passengers will climb aboard and disappear into the night on an exploratory journey into Europe. Among those aboard will be prominent international artists, designers, architects, performers, journalists and philosophers. Against the backdrop of the European landscape that is filing past, the overnight train will be transformed into a travelling parallel universe where time and destination seem non-existent and where space is given over to meetings of people, ideas and new associations.


Europe Endless Express is a project of Club Interbellum, in collaboration with De Balie, EYE, SLAA, Wunderbaum and many others.