Europe: Too big to fail? – Ivan Krastev

Programme - 30 March, De Balie

Europe: Too big to fail?
‘Re:Thinking Europe’ with Ivan Krastev
30 March / 8pm – 10pm / De Balie, Amsterdam

Too big to fail? Too crisis-hardened to go under? How unthinkable is the EU’s disintegration really? On March 30th 2016, we organised a conversation on the future of the EU with one of Europe’s greatest thinkers: Ivan Krastev. This programme is part of the run-up towards Re:Creating Europe in June and took place in cultural and political centre De Balie in Amsterdam.

In De Balie the Bulgarian political scientist Ivan Krastev analyzed the current democratic crisis in Eastern Europe and shared his thoughts on the future of Europe. Krastev regularly comments on current developments in Europe in The New York Times and The Guardian, such as the crisis in Ukraine, the recent outcome of the elections in Poland and the rise of illiberal, nationalistic parties in Eastern Europe.

According to Krastev, the time is now to radically rethink the idea of Europe. What should be done to prevent a further collapse of Europe? How should we reinvent Europe?

About Ivan Krastev
Ivan Krastev (1965) is a Bulgarian political scientist and commentator. He is currently chairman of the Centre for Liberal Strategies in Sofia and permanent fellow at the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna (IWM). He teaches, speaks, and writes many times about the crisis of democracy in Europe. He is the author of provocative books such as In Mistrust We Trust: Can Democracy Survive When We Don’t Trust Our Leaders? (2013) and Democracy Disrupted: The Politics of Global Protest (2014).

About De Balie
De Balie is a well-known platform and center for the freedom of speech, contemporary art, politics, culture, cinema and media, situated near the Leidseplein in the heart of Amsterdam. Their (daily) programs consistently bear the mark of a sharp and deeply analytical character. Through talkshows, cinema, art, debates and theatre, De Balie mixes several points of view in a wayward and creative fashion.

Missed it? Watch the full programme here.

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