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Srecko Horvat, Asli Erdogan, Flavia Kleiner, Wolfgang Tillmans, Richard Mosse, Ulrike Guerot, Shantel, Alessandro Baricco, WENDE and many more!

We are very happy to announce the contributors to this years’ Forum on European Culture:

Alessandro Baricco (writer, Italy), Natalia Kaliada (director of the Belarus Free Theater), Achille Mbembe (philosopher, Cameroon), Srecko Horvat (philosopher, Croatia), Asli Erdoğan (writer, Turkey), Richard Mosse (photographer, Ireland), Wolfgang Tillmans (artist, Germany), Shantel (musician, Germany), Hissa al Dhaheri (curator, United Arab Emirates), Madi Maxwell-Libby (spoken word, UK), Mark Lilla (political scientist, US), Santiago Sierra (artist, Spain), Flavia Kleiner (activist, Switserland), Ivo van Hove (theatre director, The Netherlands), Reem Fadda (curator, Palestine), WENDE (singer-songwriter, The Netherlands), Jacob Sam-La Rose (spoken word, UK), Vasyl Cherepanyn (curator, Ukraine), Alain Geismar (politician), Flavia Kleiner (political activist, Switserland), Madi Maxwell-Libby (spoken word artist, United Kingdom), Rem Koolhaas (architect, The Netherlands), Ulrike Guerot (political scientist, Germany) and Seyran Ates (lawyer and moslim feminist).

Please find more information here.

More contributors will be announced in the coming monhts.

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