The Forum on European Culture coninues to travel around Europe and celebrate European art and culture.

This summer, the festival organises four events in Leipzig, Coventry and Amsterdam. Afropean Express: Travels in Black Europe (Leipzig, DE), The European Gen Z Manifesto (De Balie, Amsterdam), The Island (Coventry, UK) and the European Literature Night (De Balie, Amsterdam).

Take a look at the programme.

Afropean Express: Travels in Black Europe


A new outdoor exposition by the British writer and photographer Johny Pitts is on show in Leipzig. Curated by the Forum on European Culture and Pitts, the exposition shows photos of Pitts’ travels through Europe looking for the ‘Afropean’ identity.


Watch the interview with Pitts during the Forum on European Culture festival 2020


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The European Gen Z Manifesto

De Balie | Grote Zaal

On this evening teens from all over Europe will exchange perspectives for the role of the youth in Europe’s democracy. A manifesto with letters from young people all over Europe is handed over to MEP Samira Rafaela and widely shared among politicians and youth organizations following the program.

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The European Literature Night

De Balie | Grote Zaal

Tonight we celebrate European literature with a dozen writers and poets from the entire continent. The theme this year is: The Courage of the Writer. A literay fest with compelling fiction, poetry-slam, short stories and debate

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The Island


The Island is a short documentary of an exciting experiment about a diverse group of citizens from Coventry which has to democratically create a shared home on an island under various circumstances. What rules do we need to ensure peace and tranquillity? At what price can prosperity be maintained? When and why is solidarity needed?

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