Alfons Hooikaas

Alfons Hooikaas is a designer/illustrator focussed on creating imaginative visual experiences in a range of media. He lives and works worldwide, based from Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and New York City. Alfons has worked for various clients among which Peter Greenaway, Centraal Museum Utrecht, Karl Lagerfeld Jeans, Unesco, Prada, Kanye West, Nike, Moma PS1, Pamm Miami, USC Roski and the Bard institute. He is the recipient of a range of awards and grands, including various stipends from the Dutch Government and several nominations at Chaumont Festival International de l’affiche et du graphisme.

Alfons Hooikaas contributes to Eurolab – new ideas to communicate the EU 31 May – 3 June in Stedelijk Museum

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