Anna Dasović

Anna Dasović (Amsterdam, 1982) focuses on how visual traces, objects, documents or stories are used to frame people and their histories. She looks specifically at the role of documents and testaments that relate to wars, colonialism and violent conflicts. The production and use of (visual) documents are examined in their quest for truth finding or the social and political perceptions they seek to form, while simultaneously examining their legislative and archival ability to cope with trauma caused by violence. Here, the archive serves both as a physical place for these documents and a metaphor of collective humiliation and remorse.  Anna works without any fixed medium, rather most of her works finally materialize out of a long term engagement with existing materials that emerge as a constellation of installations, video montages, sound or text-based works and lectures.

Anna Dasović contributes to The European International Exposition, 1 June – 3 June, 12.00 to 18.00 in de Rijksakademie.

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