Annissa Gultom

Annissa Gultom started as a volunteer for Jakarta History Museum’s public program in 2002. Her education background is in Archaeology (Indonesia, 2005) and in Museum Communication (USA, 2010) as a Masters’ program Fulbright scholar. She currently works as an independent curator after curating in 2016-2017 for Jakarta History Museum; Museum Bank Indonesia (central bank of Indonesia); Jakarta Biennale 2017: JIWA and two private museums in Central Java. Most of her Museology studies and researches since 2012 were done along with Tribuana Komunika consultancy while also curating for exhibitions in subjects of archaeology, history (colonial, modern, recent), anthropology and recently, contemporary art.

Annissa Gultom contributes to Defining Fair International Cooperation 1 June 16:30 in De Balie

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