Claudia Chwalisz

Claudia Chwalisz (France) is a writer, academic and expert on democratic innovations, deliberative democracy and populism. She is well-known for her book The Populist Signal: Why politics and democracy need to change (2015). In this book she states that populism is a warning signal to parties and governments to revisit their approaches to governance and representation. New forms of political engagement should not feel like a threat to formal political systems, but rather as much-needed additions that enrich democracy. Her more recent book, The People’s Verdict, looks more in-depth at democratic innovations giving people a meaningful voice in policy making. Claudia also contributes to Carnegie Europe’s ‘Reshaping European Democracy’ project.

Cladia Chwalisz contributes to  Understanding the Populist Turn II – June 2nd, 19:00 in Frascati



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