Claudia Sternberg

Claudia Sternberg (Germany) is a Greman scholar working in the United Kingdom. Her research explores the relationship between citizens and political power, and the roles that ideas, ideologies, and narratives can play in shaping it. Her book The Struggle for EU Legitimacy: Public Contestation, 1950-2005 (2013) asks what it would mean for the EU to be a legitimate body, and where our ideas on this question come from. The book traces the history of constructions, and contestations, of the EU’s legitimacy in discourses of the European institutions and in public debate.The book was awarded the UACES Prize for Best Book in Contemporary European Studies. Sternberg’s current research investigates how the Eurozone crisis has led Europeans to deny each other recognition, and how to recover the promise of mutual recognition, on which the European integration project was built.

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