Costas Lapavitsas

Costas Lapavitsas (Greece/UK) is Professor of Economics at the School of Oriental and African Studies (Soas) at the University of London. During 2015, he was a member of the Greek Parliament collaborating with the governing Syriza party. Lapavitsas is known for his critical work on the modern financial system. He has been critical of the mainstream approach on the Eurozone crisis and has strongly argued for Greek exit from the EMU. He is a columnist for the British newspaper The Guardian and the author of Profiting Without Producing (2013) and Against the Troika (2015) (with Heiner Flassbeck). In 2007, Lapavitsas founded Research on Money and Finance (RMF), which has contributed original analysis of the Eurozone crisis. In 2016, following his departure from the Greek Parliament, he founded the European Research Network on Social and Economic Policy,, an international network of activists and social scientists developing an alternative plan for Europe.

Costas Lapavitsas contributes to 1 Night, 12 Hours, 100 Questions – Interview Marathon – June 1 18:00 in De Balie and to We, the People of Europe – June 2nd 16:30 in De Balie

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