Gerben Hellinga

Gerben Hellinga (The Netherlands, 1937) is a Swiss-born Dutch actor and writer, who has lived in many European cities. He has worked as an actor in Berlin and Amsterdam and turned to writing thrillers, plays and short stories. In the autobiographical work Wintervlinder (1997), Hellinga describes his spiritual development, which was the result of pananormal experiences. He has been studying de I Tjing, a classical Chinese text used as an oracle, for over 40 years. Hellinga’s most successful play was Kees de Jongen, an adaption of the book written by Theo Thijssen, for which he was awarded the Henriette Roland Holst Prize.

Gerben Hellinga contributes to 1 Night, 12 Hours, 100 Questions – Interview Marathon – June 1 18:00 in De Balie.

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