Márton Gulyás

Márton Gulyás (Hungary, 1986) is a Hungarian political activist and director. He is the former manager of the Krétakör Foundation and co-founder of the leftists political activist group Human Platform. The Hungarian government, under prime-minister Viktor Orbán, has declared him a national security risk. He is known for his political activism and was arrested for throwing paint at the Hungarian presidential palace during a protest against the signing of a new law, which would require the Budapest-based Central European University to close its doors if it would not comply with the new criteria. After his release he launched the Country for All Movement, where he set up a tent in front of the Hungarian Parliament Buidling where they held screenings, debates and sit-ins.

Márton Gulyás contributes to Freedom Lecture: Belarus Free Theatre – May 31st, 20.00 at De Balie and Understanding the Populist Turn II – June 2nd, 19:00 in Frascati 

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