Paul Scheffer

Paul Scheffer (The Netherlands, 1954) is a Dutch author and professor of European Studies at Tilburg University. He is also a prominent member of the Dutch Labour Party. In 2000, he wrote an essay “Het multiculturele drama” [The multicultural disaster] which was very influential in shaping the debate on multiculturalism and immigration in the Netherlands. Scheffer has written several books and has recently published De vrijheid van de grens, an essay in response to the current refugee crisis in Europe. Scheffer generally encourages the active questioning of the current position of The Netherlands in the European Union, although he himself is not necessarily an opponent of European membership.

Paul Scheffer contributes to Look Into the Soul – Rüdiger Safranksi on the State of Europe – June 3 17:30 in De Balie, and Nationalism: The Virus That Went Viral – June 1 20:30 in De Balie

Photo: R. van Elst

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