Remco Torenbosch

Remco Torenbosch (1982, NL) is an artist known for his conceptual practice that addresses the economic, abstract and geopolitical connotations of materials and processes. Rather than producing new art objects, Torenbosch tends to alter the existing environment by repositioning carefully chosen, available resources. Throughout his practice of appropriation and adaption the works investigate the transhistorical and socio-economic conditions under which they were extracted, produced or distributed.

Torenbosch recently took part in exhibitions at: Victoria and Albert Museum London, Kunsthalle Wien, De Appel Amsterdam, Kunsthaus Zurich, GAMeC Bergamo, Temporary Gallery Köln, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (upcoming). In 2013 he was nominated for the Prix de Rome.

Remco Torenbosch contributes to The European International Exposition, 1 June – 3 June, locations: Central Station, Koninklijk Concertgebouw, City Theater, De Balie, Melkweg, Theater Bellevue, Frascati, Rijksakademie.

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