Toneelgroep Amsterdam

TA is the largest theatre company in the Netherlands and is led by director Ivo van Hove. Since he was appointed in 2001, he has paved the way for an urban company with international allure by creating a series of sensational shows and by attracting different directors from the Netherlands, as well as from other countries. The core of the company consists of 22 quality actors, making it possible to keep shows in their repertoire. For Re:Creating Europe, Gijs Scholten van Aschat, Halina ReijnHugo Koolschijn, Marieke Heebink, Robert de Hoog, Ramsey Nasr, and Chris Nietvelt will perform.

TA produces reinterpretations of classic repertoire, new texts and crossovers with music, design and dance. By frequently teaming up with other companies, such NTGent and Toneelhuis, artistic cross connections are created. Apart from Ivo van Hove, TA also works with prominent guest directors from various countries, such as Thomas Ostermeier, Grzegorz Jarzyna, Johan Simons, Luk Perceval, Krzysztof Warlikowski and Christoph Marthaler.

Visionary and distinctive directors will be making their own special creations. What connects these new and internationally renowned directors is their belief that theatre is essential within a society that is more disparate and diverse than ever. They all share a concern about the place of man in this continually changing society.

Toneelgroep Amsterdam contributes to the Opening Re:Creating Europe – Wednesday 1 June, 16:00 in DeLaMar Theater. 

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