Ulrich Seidl

Ulrich Seidl (1952, AT) is an Austrian film director, writer, and producer and one of the most renowned and controversial filmmakers worldwide. His fictional documentary films painfully exposes the dark side of human society in unsparing and explicit close-up, for example in his work Import/Export (2007) that adresses the human costs and pain that globalisation brings to its migrant workforce. Seidl is particularly famous for his internationally awarded Paradise film trilogy that depicts the lives of three women from one family: one of them travels to Kenya as a sex tourist, one has to spend time at a weight loss camp, and one tries to propagate Catholicism.

Ulrich Seidl contributes to Arnon Grunberg x Ulrich Seidl – Friday 3 June, 14:15 in De Balie, and Import/Export – Friday 3 June, 11:15 in De Balie


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