Wende (The Netherlands) is one of the leading musical talents and performers of the Netherlands. She is a singer-song writer, theatre maker, chansonnière, actress, performer, producer and artist in residence at the Royal Theater Carré; Wende can do it all. With her sharp-witted identical voice and a healthy dose of dislike against pigeonholing and trends, she tells stories about daily questions in life. Wende primarily uses her stage for daring, ground-breaking projects where language, technology and genre keep playing a different and surprising role. Her latest record, MENS, shows a very raw and striking contemporary image with incredible and exciting electrobeats and vulnerable songs. In 2018, she turned her theatre play into her first Dutch-speaking album which is currently touring for a second season.

Wende contributes to Europa: “Wir Schaffen Das” June 2nd, 20:00 at Het Concertgebouw – Kleine Zaal

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