Wende (The Netherlands) is one of the leading musical talents and performers of the Netherlands. She has released multiple award-winning albums, and has developed numerous shows – all of which have garnered much critical acclaim. Musical excursions through the worlds of contemporary classical and pop music, as well as a vibrant personality, have resulted in her developing an eclectic and energetic style over the years. Her most recent album ‘Last Resistance’ was created with Berlin-based producer Tilman Hopf andNackt, both legends from the Berliner electronial underground scene. Currently she is working on her new album. Wende’s shows are theatrical journeys full of expression, that aim to narrate stories independent of any genre.

Wende contributes to If Cities Ruled Europe – June 1 20:00 in Het Concertgebouw


Photo: Romy Treebusch for POPMAG.

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