Building Conversation

The artist collective Building Conversation challenges you to start a conversation with your European fellow citizens.

Fri, 01 Jun • 10:00
De Balie - Salon


Do you dare to enter this conversation?

The increasingly divided European society is crying out for renewed attention to the need for conversation between people. Nowadays, people who disagree with each other hardly ever meet in real life. How can we get people to really talk with one another? What are the right circumstances in which people dare to discuss complex subjects in today’s polarised society?

For the Forum on European Culture, artist collective Building Conversation challenges you to start a conversation with your fellow European citizens in the form of an Agonistic Conversation. This session will focus on European issues and the challenges that Europe needs to address. For example, should Europe close its borders to immigrants or not? Should The Netherlands stay within the EU or not? It’s up to the participants to bring in the topics that will be addressed during the conversations on the 1st of June.

The Agonistic Conversation is a conversation between opponents, developed in response to philosopher Chantal Mouffe. She believes that the political arena needs conflict and that the arts can contribute to the development of the agonistic space. Building Conversation combines the theoretical framework of Chantal Mouffe with the practice of the Maori, who have an impressive way of dealing with conflict in their own communities.

Do you dare break out of your daily bubble and take part in a genuine conversation?

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Building Conversation

Building Conversation was initiated by Lotte van den Berg and Daan ’t Sas and now consists of a collective of artists. Building Conversation is practiced and kept in motion by a growing group of people, all fascinated by what happens when you meet in conversation. More information at

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