31 may - 4 june 2023

Private: The European Commissioner – Joan Nederlof, Mugmetdegoudentand

In ‘The European Commissioner’, actress Joan Nederlof of the theatre group ‘Mugmetdegoudentand’ takes the audience on a humorous journey through the thoughts and tribulations of the fictional European commissioner, Charlotte Hajenius. Is the dream of a democratic, united Europe a feasible one if each and every member state puts its own agenda first?

Thu, 02 Jun • 20:00


Actress Joan Nederlof of the theatre group ‘Mugmetdegoundentand’ knew very little, as many of us do, about Europe. She figured: there’s gap in the theatre market. In her show, The European Commissioner, Nederlof gives the audience a glimpse into the inaccessible politics and conflicting values of Europe. In so doing she steps into the role of the fictional, popular European Commissioner of Regulations, Charlotte Hajenius. Through humour, Charlotte invites the audience to share in her doubts, thoughts and bold ideas on Europe. Is the dream of a democratic, united Europe a feasible one if member states keep putting their own agenda first? A show suitable to all who believe in Europe’s future, all those who don’t, or those who simply do not know.

After the show, we will invite politicians and scientists to dicuss the dilemmas faced by European politicians, the gaps between European citizens and European politics, and the conflict between European ideals and national values. How can we create a sense of care and curiosity among the people of Europe for Europe itself, for its politics?

In 2015, Joan Nederlof took her own curiosity, her ignorance and her question marks regarding the European Union and transformed them into a solo show. A year later, Europe has changed drastically: time for a new version of The European Commissioner.

With: Thijs BroerAlbert Jan Kruiter

Moderator: Kirsten van den Hul

The play will be performed in Dutch, with simultaneous English translation in surtitles. The conversation afterwards will be held in English.

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