Private: Expert session #6: “The Commons!”

Having been neglected for some time, the commons remerged as a collective term for a wide range of citizen’s activities, from urban gardening to governing cultural spaces. But what exactly do we speak about when using the term ‘The commons’? And how does the notion of ‘The Commons’ relate to arts and culture?

Thu, 02 Jun • 14:00
Castrum Peregrini

During this expert session, hosted in colleboration with the European Cultural Foundation, we speak with experts, artists, activists and academics about these questions. Does this new emphasis on the Commons illustrate the transition from governments to co-governance, or are the Commons the last resort for bottom top activists?  And how does the idea of the Commons relate to the local and the global?

Contributors are among others:

Marcos Garcia, MediaLab Prado, Marilli Mastrantoni,  artistic director Entropia, Michiel Schwarz, cultural advisor, Aetzel Griffioen, political philosopher, Lieven de Cauter, philopher, activist, Valerio Gatto Bonanni, Teatro Valle, Ying Cue, Casco, Mirjana Smolic, changemaker.

This session is closed to the general public. Interested in participating? Send a short motivational letter to

This expert session will be in English.

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