31 may - 4 june 2023

Freedom Lecture:
Inna Shevchenko

Inna Shevchenko has been subjected to kidnapping, threats and attacks since the foundation of her radical feminist organisation FEMEN. On International Women’s Day, she gives the 30th Freedom Lecture to share her story.

This evening is curated by De Balie in the run-up to Forum on European Culture.

Women in protest
Sun, 08 Mar • 20:00
De Balie - Grote Zaal

Ukrainian feminist and activist Inna Shevchenko is the leader of FEMEN – an international organisation aiming to liberate women worldwide from oppression.

Topless activists stand up against various manifestations of patriarchy, including dictatorship, religion, and the sex industry.

Since the foundation of FEMEN, its members have consistently been subjected to kidnapping and threats by the local authorities.

Where do we stand in the fight for women’s rights? And what is the way forward? We are honoured to have Inna Shevchenko with us to shed light on this matter.

About the Freedom Lecture
Freedom is something that we, in the Netherlands, often take for granted. Four times a year, De Balie invites someone who knows from personal experience what it means not to be free. We want to share their stories, spread their message, and learn from their struggle.

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