The Future is Europe? Live podcast interviews

On the last day of the Forum we will make a start on outlining European future scenarios during live podcast interview sessions.

Sun, 03 Jun • 11:00
De Balie - Salon


On the last day of the Forum on European Culture we will make a start on outlining European future scenarios. During live podcast interview sessions we speak with brilliant, innovative and surprising European minds from all over the continent, ranging from activists to philosophers.

How can Europe move past crisis management and towards real socio-political renewal? How do Europeans, from artists to journalists, from politicians to economists, envision a European future?

Host: Tim Wagemakers (journalist & programme editor)

C0-host hour 1 + 2 : Luuk van Middelaar

Co-host hour 3 + 4: Yoeri Albrecht

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1. The Artist vs. Europe / 11.00 – 11.50 / Listen here

In today’s Europe the voices that create polarization, division, and isolation seem to be louder than those who call for cooperation and solidarity. Is it up to artists to speak up against cultural isolation in Europe? Is it time for a call to action?

With: Julian Rosefeldt (artist, Germany), Marek Šindelka (writer, Czech Republic) and Lara Staal (curator/programme maker, Netherlands).

2. Who really runs Europe? / 12.00 – 12.50 / Listen here

Traditionally the European project is based on centralism, with Brussels as Europe’s headquarters. Recent developments, however, show that many people don’t feel represented by this central government. How should Europe be constructed to keep it together?

With: Ulrike Guérot (political philosopher Germany), Luuk van Middelaar (political philosopher, Netherlands) and Are We Europe.

3. Europe seen from inside/outside? / 13.00 – 13.50 / Listen here

Europe’s time as a central and powerful continent is over Asia, Africa, South-Amerika, and the Arab world are all becoming politically and culturally more dominant. How should Europe position itself in relation to other cultures and continents in our globalized world? What is left of the European identity and culture today?

With: Seyran Ates Jacob Sam-La Rose and Betul Ellialtioglu

4. Culture – why should Europe care? / 14.00 – 14.50 / Listen here

When people think about Europe they mostly think about politics and economics, but Europe is also a cultural project. How can we bring the cultural side of Europe under more attention? And how should that be translated into policy?

With: Lars Eidinger (actor, Germany), Barbara Vissser & Jan Sowa

This programme is made in cooperation with Dag en Nacht Media, a platform for Dutch podcasts.


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