31 may - 4 june 2023

Private: György Konrád: Writing Life, Writing Europe

How does Europe shape a human life? The answer will be explored in a theatrical journey through European history by Marjolijn van Heemstra, following the life of Jewish-Hungarian writer György Konrád.

Fri, 03 Jun • 12:00
Frascati 1


The Jewish-Hungarian writer György Konrád (b. 1933) is the ultimate embodiment of Europe’s tumulus 20th century. As a boy, he escaped the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps. In 1956 he saw at first hand the unfolding of the Hungarian revolts. He defended individual freedom during the Communist rule, and continued his campaign through and after the fall of the Berlin Wall as a determining voice in the Hungarian democratic opposition. Throughout it all, he remained a determined believer in European culture and its strengths. How might such a person, whose life story has been so defined by European history, view today’s Europe?

It is this vision that György Konrád will share during his lecture. Theatre maker Marjolijn van Heemstra will convey the life and oeuvre of this exceptional writer.

This programme will be in English.

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