Private: If Cities Ruled Europe

Can Europe’s future be found in the culture of the European city? A debate on the role of the cultural city with Benjamin Barber and Deputy Mayors for Arts and Culture from various European countries.

Wed, 01 Jun • 20:00
Het Concertgebouw - Kleine Zaal


‘Cities are the future’, writes world-renowned political scientist Benjamin Barber, author of the influential work, If Mayors Ruled the World. Cities are defined by a metropolitan culture that exceeds borders. Are European cities able to withstand the identity crises and rising nationalism that seem to be on a steady rise? And how does culture factor into this dynamic? Why, if at all, focus on the culture of European cities in our journey towards a shared European culture and identity?

Benjamin Barber and various prominent cultural policy makers from European cities including Justine Simons (head of culture, London), Ritva Viljanen (deputy mayor for art and culture, Helsinki) and Ray Yeates (City Arts Officer, Dublin) will enter into conversation on the importance and the value of the cultural European city.The Dutch singer Wende will add colour to this special evening with a variety of European songs.

This programme will be moderated by Daphne Bunskoek.

This programme will be in English.

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This programme is supported by the City of Amsterdam, in association with the World Cities Culture Forum.

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