Ivan Krastev on The Light that Failed

Political scientist Ivan Krastev dicusses his latest book The Light that Failed. How did the illusion of the End of History after 1989 fuel the rise of anti-liberalism and populism in Europe?

This evening is curated by De Balie in the run-up to Forum on European Culture.

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Sun, 01 Mar • 20:00
De Balie - Grote Zaal

According to author Francis Fukuyama, our history came to an end after the events of 1989. But political scientist Ivan Krastev argues that the supposed end of history turned out to be an illusion.

In his latest book The Light That Failed he discusses how this illusion backfired and fuelled the subsequent rise of anti-liberalism and populism in Europe. Together with De Balie Director Yoeri Albrecht he looks ahead: what can we learn from these past mistakes?

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