31 may - 4 june 2023

Sign of the Times:
Édouard Louis

Combining debate and theatre, we’ll discuss the theme of European winners and losers of globalisation with bestselling author Édouard Louis.

This evening is curated by De Balie and Internationaal Theater Amsterdam in the run-up to the Forum on European Culture.

Mon, 11 May • 19:30
Internationaal Theater Amsterdam – Rabozaal

French bestselling author Édouard Louis has an important political voice.

Having grown up in an uncouth, poor and homophobic working class family in northern France, he shot to fame in 2014 with the bestseller The End of Eddy, about his youth. This year he demonstratively sided with the ‘gilet jaune’ movement and took on Macron: “My book takes issue with who you are and what you are doing.”

Combining debate and theatre, De Balie Director Yoeri Albrecht will enter into conversation with Louis about the divide between elite and working class, and winners and losers – to offer the audience an inside look at the ideas and ideals of a radical representative of those left behind by globalisation.

How do you stay radical and independent as a writer, if the entire world celebrates your work and puts you on a pedestal?

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