31 may - 4 june 2023

The Art of Regionalism

All over Europe we see regions that proudly distinguish themselves from national culture, thereby rejecting the nation-state as a whole. In cooperation with Leeuwarden 2018 (European Capital of Culture 2018) we discuss the strength of regional identity and culture in Europe.

Sat, 02 Jun • 14:30
De Balie - Salon

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This year, the Frisian city of Leeuwarden is in the spotlight as the European Capital of Culture – with their strong regional identity as a key theme in the programme. Just as Catalonia, Scotland and other important European regions, Friesland proudly distinguishes itself from national culture, which often goes hand in hand with a rejection of the nation-state as a whole.

It is often said that Europe is a collection of regions, not nation states. What roles do cultural regions play and are likely to play in the future of Europe? Are we actually moving towards a ‘Europe of the Regions’? How can a strong sense of regional culture and language contribute to finding your place in multilateral Europe? Does regional pride lead to division, or unison on the European continent?

Together with artists from a number of such proud regions, such as Jacky Wylie (director National Theatre of Scotland), Albert Heta (director Stacion, Centre for Contemporary Art, Prishtina ) and Sjoerd Bootsma (Leeuwarden European Capital of Culture 2018), we discuss the strength of the regional culture and its influence on the nation state and on Europe in the future.

This programme is a collaboration with Leeuwarden-Fryslân, European Capital of Culture 2018.

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