Western / Film

Screening of Western, a film by director Valeska Grisebach.

Fri, 01 Jun • 18:45
De Balie - Grote Zaal

The new feature film by German director Valeska Grisebach tells the story of a group of male German construction workers who are send to the remote Bulgarian countryside for a construction job. Newcomer Meinhard has a hard time fitting in with the rest of the German group, but is quick to make friends among the local villagers. As the tension increases between the Germans and the Bulgarians, Meinhard has to decide where his allegiance lies.

Western subtly explores themes like masculinity, belonging and cultural and national identity clashes in Europe. It received raving reviews by the international press, and was part of the collaboration between IFFR and De Balie during the last film festival.

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