Programme Highlight: Europa: “Wir Schaffen Das!”

Europa: “Wir Schaffen Das!” – Sat 2 June 20:00 at Het Concertgebouw

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Germany has always played a central role both politically and culturally. For Europe, there is simply no way around Germany. We consider the cultural and political role of Germany in Europe with, among others, the powerful German lawyer and Muslim feminist Seyran Ates, writer Simons Strauss, actor Lars Eidinger and curator Chris Dercon.

For the past decades, Germany has been a European symbol of stability and collaboration in the midst of rising nationalism and anti-EU sentiments. After 2017, Germany suddenly appears more fragile with the rise of the radical right wing AfD and Merkel’s diminishing authority. Where is Germany, and Europe with it, heading?

With European songs by Dutch singer-songwriter WENDE

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