Programme Highlight: Opening Forum on European Culture

Srecko Horvat, Asli Erdogan & Santiago Sierra on the future of Europe

Act for Democracy!: Opening Forum on European Culture 201831 May 17:00 at Stadsschouwburg

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At a crucial point in European history we open the second edition of the Forum on European Culture “Act for Democracy!” What role can artists and thinkers currently play in Europe, as those who created and consistently defend the democratic and artistic freedoms that defined Europe, and as those who are now under attack as these European values are being challenged? What is the power and impact of art and imagination for Europe? How should we “Act for Democracy”?

During the opening we will travel to some of Europe’s most critical regions, Spain, Croatia, Turkey, and hear from three important European creative minds – Croatian philosopher Srecko Horvat , one of Turkey’s most critical literary voices Asli Erdogan and Spain’s most famous artist Santiago Sierra . Together, they will articulate their views on Europe and its future. What in today’s Europe is left of European values such as human rights, freedom, democracy, and the rule of law? And what should be done to safeguard Europe’s future?

With a theatrical contribution of theatre maker and stand-up philosopher Laura van Dolron and music from Julian Schneeman & friends.

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