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Understanding the Populist Turn | With Jan-Werner Müller, Flavia Kleiner, Paul Scheffer & Ulrike Geurot

How should we understand the surge of support for populist leaders and the growing dissatisfaction with the political establishment in Europe? During our two programmes about populism we come to the core of the populist turn in Europe.

Understanding the Populist Turn I: Populism, an East-West Divide? – Sat 2 June 15:00 at Frascati

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What socio-political factors underlie the populist turn across Europe and how are they different in central and eastern Europe in comparison to developments in western Europe. Together with leading thinkers Jan-Werner Müller, Ulrike Guerot and Slawomir Sierakowski we analyse populist developments across Europe.

Understanding the Populist Turn II: 10 Lessons on Populism – Sat 2 June 19:00 at Frascati

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With inspiring European thinkers who, each in their own way, stood up against populism in Europe, we will take a close look at different populist movements. What should be our answers to populism to counter the populist tide?

With German professor Jan-Werner Müller , a worldwide expert on populism, Paul Scheffer, a professor on European Studies, Flavia Kleiner, founder of the anti-populist movement in Switserland; Márton Gulyás , a political and artistic activist who fights against the rule of Orbán; and Claudia Chwalisz ; author of The Populist Signal: Why Politics and Democracy Need to Change (2015).

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