Propaganda by the People

Propaganda by the People
Let’s try and find common ground, stories and visuals on Europe. Let’s try to make a uniting, inclusive story on the Europe we like, love, or would like to love. A story that goes further than just the EU, but a story that brings together cultural, geographical and political Europe.

Propaganda by the people challenges people to think about their European identity; don’t blindly quote the newspaper articles about Europe, but remember what else Europe means to you and formulate your ideas for your dream Europe.

It is a crowdsourcing project. It will involve a poster workshop, a crowdsourced animation, several publications, much debate and finally a documentary film.

Propaganda by the People is a project by Prospektor (Arnold van Bruggen, Eefje Blankevoort), Rogier Klomp and Janneke de Rooij.

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