Re:Creating Europe in Bratislava

The 30th of June the Europe Endless Express – the very first cultural festival held on a sleeper train – set off from Amsterdam Central Station on the last day of the Dutch presidency of the European Union.

Among the 600 passengers were many thinkers, artists and journalists who discussed the results of the Forum on European Culture and the future of Europe. Among them were Tibor Dessewffy (head of the DEMOS thinktank, Hungary), Vasyl Cherepanyn (Visual Cultural Center, Ukraine), Martin Šimečka (journalist, Slovakia), Konstanty Gebert (journalist, Poland), Flavia Kleiner (activist, Switserland) and Marjolijn van Heemstra (actress, The Netherlands).

The Europe Endless Express crossed Europe and arrived in Bratislava on the 1st of July. This day marked the beginning of the presidency of European Union for Slovakia. Yoeri Albrecht (director of De Balie) handed the results of the first Forum on European Culture to the Slovakian actress, diplomat and member of parliament Magdaléna Vášásyová. During this ceremony Arnon Grunberg (writer,The Netherlands) and Philipp Blom (historian, Austria) spoke about the future of Europe.

The Europe Endless Express is an initiative of Club Interbellum and is organised in cooperation with Forum on European Culture, De Balie, SLAA and EYE.

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